The speciality plastics based on flexible polyolefins which are marketed and sold by LUCOBIT AG under the trade name Lucofin® types are doubtless products that you have long known to be quality materials. Particularly with a view to our grafted and non-grafted EBA grades, our distribution partners repeatedly tell us that there is a certain information gap as far as costeffectiveness is concerned. What may at first glance appear to be more expensive compared with other polymer systems does in fact almost always, on closer inspection, prove to be the cheapest solution overall and in the long term.

It is essential here not to interpret the performance of a product solely in terms of the price per unit of quantity. You only obtain an objective result if you examine all technical aspects. In terms of our EBA grades competing on both a commercial and technical basis with EVA, plastomers, but also EBA products from other manufacturers, the Lucofin® materials are proving time and time again to be the optimum solution for an increasingly large number of our customers‘ end applications. A sustainable assessment must take account not just of the simple formula of „dosage x price“ but also of the value attached to the technical advantages afforded from the use of Lucofin® EBA. The following table illustrates the key properties and the resulting advantages of Lucofin® 1400HN and 1400MN. If all of these factors impacting on cost effectiveness are assessed in an objective and unbiased way, it is ultimately apparent that Lucofin® EBA materials usually constitute the better solution.