LUCOBIT AG’s quality, environment and energy policy

LUCOBIT AG is a company that feels a special responsibility for the handling of employees, quality, environment and energy. We are committed to an economically, sustainable, future-compatible development and focus our business activities accordingly.

Out of our responsibility regarding our employees, quality, environment and protection of resources we commit ourselves to the following principles:
  • Our target is to improve accident prevention, further education, quality and environment protection and to optimize our energy consumption continuously.
  • At this we adapt all existing laws and regulations and appropriate standards, if there is no corresponding legislation.
  • To implement the targets LUCOBIT AG invents an integrated management system, based on the standards EN ISO 9001:2006, EN ISO 14001:2009 and EN ISO 50001:2011.
  • Thereby we ensure that
  • All requirements of the standards are implemented correctly and that the processes within the integrated management system are improved continuously.
  • All employees are involved in the implementation and the performance of the integrated management system and that responsibilities are defined.
  • There is a regular evaluation regarding the standard of quality, the complaints rate and the customer satisfaction, water consumption, exhaust air and noise emission as well as ener-gy efficiency, use of energy and energy consumption.
  • That energy-efficient products and services are purchased to improve the energy-related performance.
  • We pave the way for continuously improvement in all business divisions by defining targets, target tracking, target valuation and their reinterpretation.
  • We implement and promote a corporate proposal system for a sustained improvement of health, industrial safety, security, quality, environment protection and energy consumption.
  • We pursue our targets – improvement of quality, safety, environment protection and energy consumption - on our own authority and in consultation with Basell Polyolefine GmbH, our customers and the authorities in charge. What is recognised as necessary will be tackled directly – even without any legal obligation for us.
  • All risks which are linked to our activities – regarding impact on humans, the environment, the quality and the energy consumption are systematically analysed and rated in all planning phases.
  • Based on mutual confidence LUCOBIT AG is seeking an open dialogue with its employees and business partners, the authorities as well as with the neighbourhood and the general public.